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Residents' Associations and Panels

What are Residents' Associations and Panels?

Residents' Associations (RAs) and Panels are groups of local residents who influence local decisions and organise community activities. RAs represent and empower communities on issues and drive improvements in areas. 

For more information on RA events, plese click here.

The Associations and Panels we currently support are:
Residents' Association Email Address
Alcester Court Residents' Association
Benhill Residents' Association
Circle and Shearing Residents' Association
Chaucer Residents' Association
Clockhouse Residents' Association
Collingwood Residents' Association
Denmark Gardens Residents' Association
Shanklin Village Residents' Association
St Paul's Close Residents' Association

If you're interested in joining an existing Association you can email them directly by clicking on the relevant link above.

Or if you're interested in setting up a new one, please contact the Neighbourhoods Team on 020 8915 2000 or email:

The Neighbourhoods Team offer support to RAs and Panels in lots of different ways, please click here to find out more.





Last Updated: Tuesday 25 July 2017