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Our Income and Charging Teams, here at Sutton Gate, would like to provide a service where you, our leaseholders, have a high degree of satisfaction with an excellent standard of delivery.
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Our staff are here to ensure that you receive a high standard of service from us at all times.
Whether you are asking a question, making a complaint, or you need help and support with a housing problem, you will receive a polite, efficient and professional service from us. Please click here to view the Leaseholders Handbook.


Our resident charges team calculate your service charges and charges for major works. The income team collect day-to-day services and major work charges. The Income Team is also responsible for consulting you on major work and other contracts if needed. We give information to solicitors when properties are being sold and provide general advice on leasehold insurance and other matters.


Leaseholder AGM

Last year's AGM took place on Tuesday 17 July 2012 at 7:30 pm. Full details will be in the newsletters to be sent to all Leaseholders.  Please click here to see last year's draft minutes. This year's AGM is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 16 July 2013 when these minutes will be agreed.


Service charge statements are sent to Leaseholders on a quarterly basis.

Major Work statements are sent to Leaseholders annually.


Service Charge Actuals 2013/14

The service charge Actuals for 2013/14 were sent out to all leaseholders in September 2014. 

View the service charge actuals leaflet.

Actual repair breakdowns 2013/14  

We are pleased to have the 2013/2014 actual repair breakdown available on line for leaseholders.

View the breakdown for block and estate repairs


During the current financial year we intend to itemise block and estate repairs at the end of each quarter.

Please click on the links below to view the repairs for your own block or estate. These are listed in alphabetical order.

Quarter 1 - 3 to Dec 2013 - Estate Repairs

Quarter 1 - 3 to Dec 2013 - Block Repairs
















Last Updated: Monday 29 September 2014