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Repairs Following Storm Doris

We hope all our residents are well following Storm Doris.

Due to the storm we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes so you may have a longer wait time getting through.

 As an alternative, you can log into mySHP to:

  • Check if anyone else has reported a communal repair
  • Check the live status of a repair you've reported
  • Report a repair

We will deal with emergency situations which pose a safety threat first.

If there are loose items hanging from height this is an emergency and we will attend to make safe the area safe. Follow on works will be booked to complete the repair at a later date. 

If fences have blown down but are flat and in a safe position this is not an emergency, but we will book an appointment with you to attend to this at a future date. 


Sutton Housing Partnership are responsible for repairing and maintaining the following:

  • Structure and the outside of your home including the roof and foundations
  • Drains, gutters and pipes
  • Doors and windows including frames and glazing
  • Chimneys
  • Ceilings and plaster workskirting boards
  • Paths and steps and boundary walls and fences that we have designated responsibility for;
  • Garages and stores, which form part of your home.
Posted on Friday 24th February 2017