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Acuity Research to start surveying residents

We’re making it easier for residents to help shape our services...

From Monday 10th April, we’ll be working with a market research company called Acuity Research to help us understand what residents think about our services, and work to improve them as a result.

Acuity will be carrying out short telephone surveys to see how satisfied residents are with the repairs we’ve carried out in their home, scheme or estate as well as the overall services we provide. Acuity is taking over from Kwest Research who undertook the surveys last year. 

Not only is it more cost effective to survey by telephone it also means that we can act more quickly on feedback, so we’ll no longer be sending these out by post. 

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About Acuity 

Acuity Research & Practise specialise in market research services for the housing sector. In the last two years they have delivered resident satisfaction services to over 60 organisations. They also worked with HouseMark to develop the STAR framework which we use to benchmark our Annual Resident Survey results.

Why are we using an external provider?

It costs less than running the surveys ourselves in-house

In the coming year we’ll save over £5,000 of officer time which had been spent on administering the survey process. This time can now be spent on delivering the service improvements our residents would like to see.

We’ll get a higher response rate than we do with postal surveys

We tell Acuity the number of responses we require; it’s in their interest to achieve this as they only get paid for the surveys they complete.

The survey responses will also reflect our resident profile enabling SHP to deliver services fairly and address any inequalities.

We’ll quickly be able to identify and address the reasons for dissatisfaction

An email will automatically be sent to SHP when a resident has said they’re dissatisfied with their repair or our ability to deal with their enquiry. We will then contact the resident by 5pm the following day.


We’ll tell you more about the first results of the surveys in the summer edition of Homefront. You can also see how we’re performing on our performance page.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Acuity be doing the telephone surveys?
Surveys will typically be carried out between 09:30am and 19:45pm Monday to Friday; 10:00am and 18:00pm on Saturdays. No calls will be made on a Sunday. If Acuity call at an inconvenient time, they will arrange to call you back on a specific day or time that suits you best.

2. How will I know the call is coming from Acuity?
The interviewers will introduce themselves; explain the purpose of the call and its anticipated length. If you require further assurance please contact the Customer Care team on 020 8915 2000.

3. Do I have to complete a survey?
No, you don’t have to complete a survey but we do value your feedback about the services we provide.

4. I’ve only just recently completed a survey; do I need to do another one?
You may well have completed a survey prior to April 2017. You don’t have to complete another survey but we do value your feedback about the services we provide.
• If you complete a repairs survey you will not be asked to complete another one within a 3 month period.
• If you complete an Annual Resident Survey you will not be asked to complete another one until April 2019 at the earliest.

5. Why is SHP not doing the surveys themselves, is this not costing more money?
Outsourcing the surveys has benefits to SHP and our residents. Firstly it is cheaper to use a company like Acuity. It’s more cost effective to survey by telephone and SHP only pays for the surveys that are completed. Acuity specialises in undertaking satisfaction surveys; they therefore have the staff and systems in place to deliver the number of surveys we need. Acuity will also provide residents with a robust and independent measurement of survey outcomes.

6. What does SHP do with the survey information?
SHP and the London Borough of Sutton use performance indicators to monitor our performance. An example would be ‘Satisfaction with the overall service provided by SHP’. The responses to the surveys directly feed into these indicators. We update residents on our performance via Homefront and our website within the ‘Our Plans and Performance’ pages.

7. What about my right to privacy and confidentially?
We respect your right to confidentiality. Acuity will ask if you are happy for your responses to be individually identified and for SHP, if required, to re-contact about the survey.  Within SHP, the answers you provide will only be seen by staff with authorised access and who have a reason to use it. Acuity and SHP will both hold all information securely and in compliance with the Data protection Act 1988.

Posted on Thursday 6th April 2017