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Anti-Social Behaviour

What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)?

The term 'Anti-Social Behaviour' covers a broad range of behaviours which indicate a lack of consideration for others, whether intentionally or through negligence.  Anti-Social Behaviour covers many different types of behaviour that cause or are likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people.

Some examples of Anti-Social Behaviour are:

Noise nuisance such as; loud parties, loud TV's/radios, playing loud music (particularly late at night)

Verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, bad language

Regular domestic arguments

Violence and threats of violence

Illegal activities such as drug dealing

Drunken behaviour

Hate behaviour, directed at a person with prejudice against their disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation

Environmental issues such as; litter, dumping rubbish illegally, abandoned vehicles, misuse of communal areas, graffiti, barking dogs and dog mess

Disagreements regarding car parking issues


At Sutton Housing Partnership, we are committed to:

  • Working alongside our residents in order to create safe communities
  • working alongside police and other agencies to prevent and address Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Utilise appropriate legal measures when necessary to tackle people who persistently act in an         Anti-Social manner
  • Provide support to victims and witnesses, including a witness support service if court proceedings become necessary
  • Having trained and sympathetic staff available to help you discuss your issues and make the process as smooth and efficient as possible
  • Encouraging residents to work with SHP's trained mediators to resolve disputes between neighbours

At Sutton Housing Partnership , we work to prevent Anti-Social Behaviour by:

  • Supporting community safety projects
  • Working closely with partner agencies
  • Organising joint community events with the police and other agencies
  • Funding diversionary activities
  • Helping you to make and keep your home as secure as possible

More serious nuisance complaints

If you have already tried to approach the person/s who are causing the nuisance, but have had no success in resolving the issue, you should contact us.  You must contact us immediately if you are the victim of:

  • Hate related incidents - anything directed at a person with prejudice against their disability, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation
  • Domestic abuse - including shouting or arguing
  • Other violence - including threatening behaviour

We will then:

  • Record your complaint accurately and confidentially
  • Review the information you have provided and carry out an assessment.  We will then advise you if we are able to assist with the complaint that has been made
  • Contact you regarding your complaint to request further information (within 2 working days for hate related incidents, violence or threats of violence and 5 working days for all other types of ASB)
  • Contact any parties who may have witnessed the incident
  • Approach the person whom you have complained about
  • Take the appropriate action to resolve the issues reported to us
  • Provide you with diary sheets in order to accurately record incidents from the start of the issue.  These can be vitally important should the case be taken further.
  • Liaise with appropriate support agencies
  • Support/provide mediation where appropriate
  • Consider providing additional security measures to support victims of hate crimes and domestic violence
  • Refer you to partner organisations if we are unable to help you ourselves

Sutton Housing Partnership's Witness Support Service

Witnesses are crucial to tackling Anti-Social Behaviour whether they are victims or witnesses to incidents which have happened within the community.

The direct evidence of a witness to Anti-Social Behaviour is of a high quality than 'hearsay' evidence where an officer may repeat what was reported to them.  The attendance of a witness at court can demonstrate the impact, alarm and distress of the Anti-Social Behaviour and the effect on the victim(s) and community.  We understand how challenging this can be and that there is a need to provide support to witnesses to feel confident and safe when supporting us to take action.

We have therefore undertaken to support witnesses to ensure that they feel supported and encouraged throughout the process until the support needs of the witnesses and victim ceases.

Who do we work with?

We currently work with the following agencies to tackle and reduce Anti-Social Behaviour within the borough:

Police, Social Services and other support agencies, Education, Drug and Alcohol Teams, Mental Health Professionals, Youth Offending Teams and Probation Services, Mediation Services and Family Intervention Services.


We will always treat reports of Anti-Social Behaviour as confidential.  We may however ask your consent to share the information with the local police and relevant support services.

How Do I Report ASB?

You can report ASB:

  • Online by completing an online form
  • By telephone by calling our offices on 0208 915 2000
  • Face-to-face at our offices - If you not physically able to travel we can carry this out in your home

Out of Hours

Anti-Social Behaviour can be reported out of hours using the online reporting form.  This will then be dealt with by one of our trained officers on the next working day.

In the event that you wish to report Domestic Violence, please call the out of hours security service at London Borough of Sutton on 020 8770 5000.  You should also report the incident to the police and seek advice from the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

Incidents of serious Anti-Social Behaviour namely hate crime, violence or threats of violence, should be reported to the police on 101 or in an emergency 999.

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Last Updated: Tuesday 04 April 2017