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Anti-Social Behaviour

What is Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)?

The term 'Anti-Social Behaviour' covers a broad range of behaviours which indicate a lack of consideration for others, whether intentionally or through negligence.

Examples of 'Anti-Social Behaviour' which may affect our residents include:

  • Noise nuisance
  • Verbal abuse including racial harassment
  • Violence and threats of violence
  • Illegal activities such as drug dealing
  • Drunken behaviour

How Do I Report ASB?

You can report ASB:

  • Online by completing an online form here
  • By telephone by calling our offices on 0208 915 2000
  • Face-to-face at our offices - If you not physically able to travel we can carry this out in your home

What We Will Do

  • We will record your complaint accurately and confidentially
  • We will contact you regarding your complaint to request further information within 48 hours for hate crime or violence and 5 working days for all other types of ASB
  • Based on the information provided we will carry out an assessment and advise you if we are able to assist with the complaint made
  • If we are able to assist we will contact any parties who may have witnessed incident
  • We will then approach the person who you have complained about
  • We will then take the appropriate action to resolve the issues reported to us
  • If we are unable to assist you with the complaint we will refer you to the relevant organisation


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Last Updated: Thursday 28 August 2014