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Anti-Social Behaviour Support

What support can I expect?

If you think you would benefit from support please discuss this with your Neighbourhood Manager. We will give you details of appropriate advice agencies who may be able to offer reassurance and support.

Your Neighbourhood Manager will agree with you how we will keep in touch. If the problems subside but are likely to reoccur, we will ask you to contact us with any fresh information. If, however, we are exploring legal action, we will ask you to maintain diary sheets and provide witness statements and provide a named officer for you to contact. We will keep in touch to keep you informed of progress.

If there is sufficient evidence to seek an injunction to stop the behaviour this can happen quickly. Witness statements are generally required and our legal services will advise if witnesses need to attend court. In extreme cases, action to evict a tenant or leaseholder may be possible. There is a longer legal process for this and usually takes several months to get to Court. In most cases of possession action, we will require witnesses to come to court to give evidence so that we can prove our case.


Last Updated: Wednesday 08 March 2017