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Community Walkabouts



What are Community Walkabouts?

During the Community Walkabout we will be looking at issues such as:

  • Community initiatives; Volunteering, safety, well-being
  • Estate environment; Parking, lighting, signs, play areas, gardens, waste
  • Anti-Social Behaviour issues; Fly-tipping, dog fouling, noise
  • Planned repairs and maintenance

Who attends the Community Walkabouts? 

Join our team including SHP’s Chief Executive, your Neighbourhood and Estate Managers and our repairs contractor Mears on a community walkabout. We’ll be inviting our partners to join us:

  • Ward Councillors and Sutton Council Officers
  • The Police/Safe Neighbourhood Team
  • The Shanklin Village Residents’ Association

This is your opportunity to tell us what would make your community a better place to live and how we can work together to achieve this. If you would like to attend please call 020 8915 2000 or email us at

When do the Community Walkabouts take place?

Community Walkabouts are arranged on a biannual basis. Please see below for dates and details of our next Community Walkabout.

Benhill Tuesday 21st November from 3 - 5:30pm 

For an information pack or to sign up for a text reminder message the day before, please call us on 020 8915 2000 or email us at

Have there been any other Community Walkabouts?

The pilot Community Walkabout took place at Shanklin Village on 12th September. Please see our summary and outcomes below.


Shanklin Community Walkabout 12th September 2017 


Last Updated: Tuesday 17 October 2017