Our Estatecare Service delivers a range of services to communal areas in and around flatted property with the aim of keeping them clean, tidy and safe. The services we provide includes:

  • Cleaning of entrance hallways, stairs, balconies
  • Cleaning of bin areas and bin rotation; checking and unblocking chutes
  • Moving and cleaning spilt waste
  • Moving bulk waste to safe areas avoiding public obstructions
  • Litter picking and spot clearing hazardous waste
  • Sweeping debri from hard surfaces
  • Weed & moss control; leaf collection
  • Cleaning lift areas
  • Monitoring and reporting nuisance, communal disrepair and other estate issues
  • Providing customer advice about SHP’s services
  • Replacement of spent lamp bulbs in communal areas
  • Removal of graffiti from non porous surfaces
  • Playground safety checks


Follow this link to view our team structure and Estate Manager contacts responsible for each service team.


Each Estatecare Team is staffed by caretakers who work to a planned schedule. These schedules may vary according to day-to-day conditions and priorities on site or where seasonal workload demands change. Neighbourhood Estatecare Teams operate on our larger estates while mobile Estatecare Teams tend to our smaller dispersed blocks.    

These services operate between the hours of 8.00am until 4.12pm, Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, emergencies can be reported to the Council's Security Unit on 020 8770 5000.


To report a problem about your area or discuss any issue with your Estate Manager, please contact Customer Care on 020 8915 2000 or .  Details of specific days attendance and service standards are contained on Noticeboards within each flatted block.
Last Updated: Wednesday 08 March 2017