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Elderly and Disabled Persons Garden Scheme

Limited assistance is provided for elderly or disabled residents qualifying for help with front and rear lawn and/or hedge maintenance. The scheme is administered and delivered by Sutton Housing Partnership Ltd in-house.

We deliver garden maintenance services to approximately 180 members who receive grass cutting and hedge trimming services to their gardens on a monthly basis between April to October each year. The scheme provides specific monthly appointments to members for their convenience and added security. Detailed below is the eligibility criteria – applicants must satisfy all the requirements. The scheme for 2014 will continue as it has this year, but you may apply and if eligible will be put on a waiting list to replace anyone dropping out the scheme during next year. Applicants must be: 

Council tenant and have not applied to buy my property

Over 75 years old or disabled

In receipt of Housing Benefit

No one under 75 years of age living with me

In order for us to confirm your eligibility to this service it will be necessary for them to confirm some of the above details with the London Borough of Sutton Housing Department and Housing Benefit Section.

Application forms are obtainable by calling Customer Care on 020 8915 2000 or by printing the form from the following link. (Application Form)







Last Updated: Wednesday 08 March 2017