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Neighbourhood Inspections

What are Neighbourhood Inspections?

Our staff regularly carry out scheduled inspections of your neighbourhood. The purpose of these inspections are to:

  • Identify health and safety issues
  • Identify any repairs to communal facilities not previously reported
  • Look at ways we can improve the area
  • Monitor the effectiveness of estate services such as cleaning and caretaking
  • Identify any issues such as fly-tipping and parking

Who attends the inspections? 

All residents are welcome to attend the inspections on their estate. We believe that residents should be able to contribute to the decisions made about the areas where they live. We would like to discuss any ideas that you may have. If you would like to attend please call 020 8915 2000 to let us know.

When inspections?

Neighourhood Inspections are arranged on an annual basis. Here is a full list of the scheduled inspections.

What if your property is not listed?

If your property does not have any communal areas we will not carry out a neighbourhood inspection

If your estate is not listed please contact your Neighbourhood Manager on 020 8915 2000.



Last Updated: Wednesday 08 March 2017