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Floating Community Support Services

What is Floating/Community Support Services?
The ‘Community’ or ‘Mobile’ support provides service users with the opportunity to live somewhere with their own front door and keep their independence, but have the security of help and advice at hand when needed.

Short Term Services
The Community Support service is usually a ‘short term’ service that can be provided for up to a maximum of two years to resolve shorter term issues. This service is normally free to the service user.

The Community Support Service can help service users in a number of ways, for example:

  • To offer reassurance following an illness, hospital admission or bereavement
  • To help with accessing other services such as personal care, aids and adaptations etc.
  • To help with maximising income
  • To help with accessing work and training opportunities
  • To help to learn new skills such as managing your home
  • To help to access leisure and recreation activities
  • To identify more appropriate accommodation and services

A referral to this service is required and is made via Social Services.

Longer Term Services
Where it is identified that a service user needs longer term services, the Support Officer will normally (with the permission of the service user), refer the service user to a longer term service such as the Mobile Support Service, this longer term service is normally chargeable though there is sometimes help available to pay for this.

Each service user has access to a ‘community’ or ‘mobile’ support worker who supports them to maintain their independence in the community.

The Support Officer is part of a team. Whilst we always try to allocate a named officer, from time to time, in the event of sickness or annual leave, you may receive a call or visit from another member of the team. Support Officers will seek to advise you of any changes to their normal schedule.

When is the Support Officer Available?
The Support Officers are on duty for 36 hours a week, the service is normally offered between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, but it is possible for us to provide services outside of these hours (for example to meet with family members who work during normal working hours).

What other services are available?

Community Alarm Services: Service users can access 24-hour emergency cover, 7 days per week through the Community Alarm System available from Eldercare, or a number of other providers. The service provides a means of summoning assistance at any time. Service users need a telephone line to access the service, and a small charge is made, but help may be available if the service is accessed via a personal care package.

Telecare: There are a number of ‘add on’s’ to the above alarm services that can enable very vulnerable service users to maintain their independence. These can range from door sensors which alert the alarm control centre, through to gas, heat and flood sensors as well as ‘fall pendants’. Many of these facilities are provided as part of personal care packages, and may be chargeable, though again help may be available to meet these charges.

Emergency Mobile Response Services: Eldercare provide emergency response services to support the above mentioned alarm services, the emergency responders will respond to emergency situations at any time of the day or night to assess and manage the situation. To enable access, service users need to purchase and install a ‘key safe’. Key safes can be purchased and installed through ICES at the London Borough of Sutton for a one off charge. As with the services above, a small charge is made to service users wishing to access this service.

Access to Older People Housing Communal Facilities/Activities: Sutton Housing Partnership manages and provides support to a number of Older People housing schemes across the London Borough of Sutton. Community and Mobile Support service users are welcome to access many of these facilities and attend activities provided by both staff and residents.

If you would like to contact us about any of the services above, you can do so by calling us on
020 8915 2000. You can also email our Head of Older People Housing Services at or if you prefer write to our Head of Sheltered Housing Services at Sutton Housing Partnership, Sutton Gate, 1 Carshalton Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4LE.






Last Updated: Friday 04 August 2017