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Policies and Procedures

As well as the policies which relate to all Sutton Housing Partnership services, there are a number of policies which are specifically held in respect of Sheltered Housing Services.

These include:

If you wish to see a copy of the individual policy document click on the links below.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults   
A policy outlining the way in which we deal with concerns about the safety of vulnerable residents.

The use of Communal Facilities
A policy detailing how the communal facilities within Housing for Older People schemes can be used.

Guest Room Usage
A policy detailing how guest rooms within Housing for Older People schemes are to be used.

Administration of Medications
A policy detailing how the service deals with the administration of medication.

Food Hygiene and the Provision of Food within Sheltered Housing
A policy detailing the standards in relation to food provided at communal events etc.

First Aid Provision
A policy detailing what staff are trained and able to provide in the way of first aid assistance.

Specialist Equipment
A policy detailing how we manage specialist equipment provided within the sheltered schemes.

Advance Directives (Living Wills)
A policy detailing how we deal with advance directives. 

Manual Handling
A policy outlining how staff manage situations such as falls.

Dementia and Complex Needs
A policy outlining how staff manage situations relating to residents suffering from Dementia and Complex needs.

These policies are developed in consultation with residents and staff, and aim to ensure that there is a fair and transparent means of managing specific facilities and situations.

Copies of all of these policies and other key Sutton Housing Partnership policies and procedures are held in the information file available to all service users and service users are encouraged to read these. If service users would like a copy of any policy they are welcome to ask the Housing for Older People Service for copies.

Confidential Information  
Information about each service users’ medical history, date of birth, relatives, GP etc. are held by the Independent Living Officers and the Call Centre. This helps us to assist service users in an emergency.

Sutton Housing Partnership has strict guidelines to ensure that this information is held securely and only shared on a need to know basis with the permission of the service user.






Last Updated: Wednesday 16 August 2017