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Sheltered Housing

What is Sheltered Housing?

Picture of pupils from Westbourne at Milton HouseSheltered housing is accommodation which has been designed primarily for older people who are able to live on their own
but may require some support to help maintain their tenancy. 
This support is provided by specialist sheltered housing staff.

The sheltered housing schemes have dedicated sheltered housing officers and an alarm call system that is linked to the Call Centre.  They also have communal lounges and planned social events to 
suit the wishes of the tenants.

What Services do we provide?

Sheltered Housing Officers provide regular welfare checks,
as agreed with each tenant, to check on how you are doing and
are available to provide information and advice to residents.

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This support is normally provided five days a week.  After consultation with residents a menu model was introduced and all sheltered housing tenants are offered a menu model of support levels. This improved service offers the freedom of choice. Tenants can choose which level of support they wish to receive from High / Medium / Low.  These levels can be changed at any point to meet the individual needs of our residents.

The service is currently under review and forms an integral part of a wider review into Social Care and Housing service provision undertaken by the Council.

All schemes has a communal lounge or use of a communal lounge where social events are held. The type of event depends on what residents want and provides residents with the opportunity to meet each other.

Click here to view a breakdown of each of the levels.

Policies and Procedures have been developed across the sheltered housing service to ensure that we provide our services in a clear and transparent manner.


Last Updated: Monday 27 July 2015