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Tenancy Fraud

What is Tenancy Fraud?

 Tenancy fraud is:

  • The unlawful subletting of a council property without the knowledge or permission of the landlord
  • Obtaining a property by misrepresentation in their application such as not telling the landlord that they are already renting another council property
  • Unlawfully claiming succession to a tenancy when someone dies
  • Non residence where the tenant fails to reside at the address

Why is Tenancy Fraud Important?

There is a large waiting list for social housing in the London Borough of Sutton. Some of these people may be living in poor and overcrowded conditions. Tenancy fraud increases the waiting list for vulnerable people to receive adequate housing.

How Do I Report Tenancy Fraud?


You can report tenancy fraud by:

What We Will Do

We will: 

  • Investigate all cases where fraud is suspected.
  • Carry out the necessary identification checks to see if the person living in the property has the right to be there
  • Always take action necessary to recover our properties.
  • Seek to reclaim any money they have unlawfully obtained
  • Seek legal costs and damages
  • Obtain a criminal conviction against proprietors who sublet their properties

Since January 2010 we have recovered over 119 properties.


Last Updated: Tuesday 15 April 2014