Right to Exchange


Mutual Exchange

You have the right to assign your tenancy to another tenant, commonly known as your ‘Right to Exchange’. Once you have found an exchange partner, you can apply by filling in an exchange application form available from our offices at Sutton Gate. If you find a partner to exchange with, please contact Sutton Housing Partnership's Customer Care team on 0208 915 2000. 

Please see our Mutual Exchange Policy and Procedures


Alternatively you can try www.HomeSwapper.co.uk

HomeSwapper is a service to help you swap your home with another tenant as a mutual exchange. Sutton Housing Partnership has partnered with HomeSwapper to provide the service free to its tenants.

HomeSwapper is the largest mutual exchange service in the UK and over 70% of new members are matched automatically to one or more potential swaps within 24 hours. The opportunity to find a swap is increased by the fact that: HomeSwapper has over 36,000 members and growing. Any tenant from any social landlord can register. You can swap with tenants of any registered social landlord and not just Sutton Housing Partnership tenants. HomeSwapper covers all of the UK, so you can find swaps locally or nationally.

You can search for homes at HomeSwapper without registering and search results even include maps to help you work out the location of the home you may want to swap to.If you register, HomeSwapper will automatically search every night for potential new swaps that meet your requirements and these can be viewed in your private area of the website at any time. Also HomeSwapper will send alerts of potential new swaps by e-mail weekly (if you have e-mail) or text message fortnightly (if you have a mobile phone).

To join the scheme, register at www.HomeSwapper.co.uk stating that your landlord is Sutton Housing Partnership and you can select up to 9 areas where you would consider living. If you do not have your own internet access, you can use Sutton library.

Last Updated: Monday 26 June 2017