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Servicing Contracts

Mechanical Services

This contract brings together all mechanical services (such as gas, heating, hot water and communal water tanks). Smith & Byford have won this contract, so they will be the company you call for gas servicing appointments and all breakdowns on heating and hot water, even if you are connected to a boilerhouse.

So, if you need to book a gas service, report a fault with heating or hot water or report a gas leak call Smith & Byford directly on 020 8643 1080.

To report a lack of cold water, call Sutton Housing Partnership on 020 8915 2000.

We also use another company - Gas Advisory Services - to carry out quality control checks on gas servicing.


Booking Appointments


The Gas Safety Check - Booking Appointments
Smith & Byford operate a wide variety of appointment slots, to minimise the inconvenience to you.
In most cases, a morning 8am to 1pm or afternoon 1pm to 6pm slot is offered which is convenient for most people. However, they also offer the following slots for those that need particular times:

First Call

Slots for those who want this done before they go to work.

School Run

Slots in either the morning or afternoon, that allow you to specify times you are not available, so that you can drop off or collect your children.

Early Evening


Slots in the early evening during the week, for those that work during the day.

and Sunday

Slots on the weekend for those who are only available at those times.

These slots are limited for those with a real need, so we would be grateful if you would only use those slots if you really need them

ARE YOU SAFE? Book your Gas Safety Check on 020 8643 1080.












Last Updated: Wednesday 08 March 2017