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Your Property

We aim to ensure that we provide homes and neighbourhoods in good repair. To achieve this, we have prepared a five year Major Works Programme to bring all homes up to the Decent Homes standard. 

What We Do

In partnership with our contractors, we repair and maintain your home, we bring empty properties back into use and will be bringing homes up to the Decent Homes standard over the next 5 years.


To ensure you are getting the service you want, we constantly ask your opinion on our plans, the service we provide and the quality of work done by our partners.


Get Involved

We strongly encourage resident participation in planning for the future and reviewing what we've done done through our Decent Homes Steering Group and Repairs & Investment Group. 

Why not give us a call or email our team to find out more and get involved in one of our groups.

Thinking Of Having A Real Fire In Your Home?

If you are thinking of using your fireplace to burn coal or logs, there are a number of vital safety issues that you must consider beforehand. For more information on these issues, contact the Planned Maintenance Team via SHP’s Customer Care team. 

Furthermore, you will need to find out whether your home is in a smokeless zone. To find out if you are in this zone, contact Sutton Council’s Environmental Services department.

Click here to download the 'Fire Safety' leaflet - Simple Steps to Prevent Fire in your Home.


Gas Leak?
Ring the National Gas Emergency Service 24 hours a day on Freephone 0800 111 999.

Heating problem?
Ring Smith & Byford on 020 8643 1080.

Other repairs?
Call our Customer Care team on on 020 8915 2000.

Last Updated: Monday 03 April 2017