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Your Rent

Sutton Housing Partnership use your rent to manage and maintain your property and neighbourhood.
So paying your rent on time, helps us to provide you with the best possible services we can.
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How we can help you 

Our Income officers are here to help you:

  • pay your rent on time;
  • manage your money, and
  • ensure that you receive any financial help and support that you need.

We can also deal with requests for:

  • a payment swipe card;
  • a rent refund;
  • a rent statement, or
  • to set up a direct debit.

VAT on garage rents

Council tenants do not pay VAT on the rent for their first (or only) garage.

20% VAT is payable on garage rents if:-

  • you are a Council tenant and rent more than one garage.
  • you are not a Council tenant.





Last Updated: Tuesday 25 July 2017