Estate inspections in January 2022

Below are the details of the estate inspections taking place in January 2022.

Estate inspections

Location Date Time
Beadlow Close, Olveston Walk                                                                                                                                               5 January           9-11am         
Chaucer House, Chaucer Gardens, Milton House, Collingwood Road sheltered flats                                                6 January      9-11am   
Carew Road, Kestrel Court, Waleton Acres 10 January          9-11am       
Albion Road, Thorn Court, Kingslee Court, Henry Hatch Court, Abbotsleigh Close, 80 Worcester Road 11 January 9-11am
Abinger Court, Old Ford House, Richmond Green, Plough Lane Close 12 January    9-11am   
Ripley Gardens, Albury Court, Milford Grove, Compton Court 13 January 9-11am
Lovett Drive, Shearing Drive 17 January 9-11am
Benhill, Homedale, Woodville, Hazelwood, Clevedon, Chesterton, Stancliffe, Newlyn, Denewood, Glenrose, 87 Benhill Avenue 18 January 9-11am
Stanmore Gardens, Ockley Court, Copthorne Court, Thicket Road, Thicket Crescent 19 January 9-11am
Tavistock Road, Tavistock Walk, Tintern Road, Twyford Road, Titchfield Road, Titchfield Walk 20 January 9-11am
Spooner Walk, Ashburton House, Torquay House, Clouston Close, Marlesford Court 24 January 9-11am
Banstead Road, Harrow Road 25 January 9-11am
Victoria Road 26 January 9-11am
Alcester Court, Brabrook Court, Friars Court, Ludlow Lodge 27 January 9-11am