Estate inspections in March 2022

Below are the details of the estate inspections taking place in March 2022.

Estate inspections

Location Date Time     
Alexandra Gardens, Allison House, Woodcote Road 1 March 9-11am
Green Wrythe Lane, Winchcombe Road 2 March 9-11am
Denmark Gardens 3 March 9-11am
Radcliffe Gardens 8 March 9-11am
Stoneleigh Road, Shaftesbury Road, Shap Crescent 9 March 9-11am
Hambledon Court, Shirley Road, Bridge Road, Melbourne Road 10 March 9-11am
Goodson House, Cheshire House, Rosehill Court, Thornton Road 15 March 9-11am
Mill Green, Seymour Road, York Street, Wolseley Road 16 March 9-11am
Hayling Court, Farnham Court. Springclose Lane 22 March 9-11am
Sutton Court, Beauclere House, Argyle House, Brendon House 23 March 9-11am
Tyrell Court, Mill Lane, Butter Hill, Loraine House 24 March 9-11am
Wrythe Lane, Peterborough Road 29 March 9-11am
Elstead Court, Wellesley Court, St Philips Avenue 30 March 9-11am