Neighbourhood Services

We are responsible for making sure our neighbourhoods are safe, secure and well maintained. This means dealing with anti social behaviour, carrying out communal repairs, and caretaking and maintaining the communal areas of many of our neighbourhoods.



Caretakers work between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Caretaking schedules vary according location, day-to-day conditions, priorities and seasonal demands.


Grounds Maintenance Service

Our grounds maintenance service covers a range of activities including:

  • horticulture
  • maintaining communal trees
  • cutting grass
  • clearing leaves
  • maintaining shrub beds.


Our contractor, Glendale's does most of this work for SHP alongside our estate services team. They work to agreed schedules and priorities.


Estate Inspections 

We routinely carry out estate inspections. This is an opportunity for SHP and residents to identify and monitor:

  • health and safety issues
  • communal repairs
  • improvements to the area
  • performance of estate services such as cleaning and caretaking
  • issues such as fly-tipping and parking.


If you would like to join an inspection you can find out where and when they are taking place via our News & Events pages or Facebook.


Community Walkabouts

Community Walkabouts are your opportunity to tell us what would make your community a better place to live and how we can work together to achieve this. Community Walkabouts look at issues like:

  • community initiatives; volunteering, safety, well-being
  • estate environment; parking, lighting, signs, play areas, gardens, waste
  • anti-social behaviour issues; fly-tipping, dog fouling, noise
  • planned repairs and maintenance


They are arranged on a biannual basis are open to all residents and are attended by  SHP’s Chief Executive, your Neighbourhood and Estate Managers and our repairs contractor Mears. We also invite partners to join us such as:

  • Ward Councilors and Sutton Council Officers
  • Police/Safe Neighbourhood Team
  • Residents’ Association connected to the community


Community Walkabouts - Summary and Outcomes

Shanklin Community Walkabout 12th September 2017.pdf 128KB

Benhill  Community Walkabout 21st November 2017.pdf 132KB

Clockhouse Community Walkabout 15th March 2018.pdf 93KB



For information about upcoming community walkabouts see our News & Events page.