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Fire door replacement programme update

Over the coming years, Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) will be replacing all fire doors made out of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite material installed in the homes it manages.

The decision to replace GRP doors reflects recently published guidance from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. The new door will meet higher fire safety standards and make the homes we manage even safer.

If your home received a new GRP front door in the last five years, we will still replace it with a new one as part of our ongoing fire safety improvements.

The replacement programme will cost in the region of £3.5 million and will need to be phased over up to four years.

Does this mean the current doors aren't safe?

No. The National Fire Chiefs Council and the government’s independent expert panel have both said the risk GRP doors pose to safety is low. The decision to replace all GRP fire doors is part of our commitment to improving safety beyond the legally required minimum.

All doors can provide protection in a fire when closed. It is essential that doors are not tampered with after installation for them to remain safe. You must not remove automatic door closers as this will make fire doors less effective and could compromise fire safety of the entire building.

Fire doors are just one of the features keeping your home safe. Purpose built blocks like yours are built with fire safety features including fire breaks between properties and non-flammable materials used in construction.

When will you be doing the work? 

We are reviewing the fire risk assessments of all our blocks to determine how quickly doors will be replaced. We'll be writing to those affected soon with more information and a timeframe for replacment. 


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