Fire safety in the news

In light of recent news items about fire safety regulations, following the publication of Dame Judith Hackitt’s report, we would like to remind residents that our first and foremost concern is their safety.

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 we undertook a wide range of measures to redouble our commitment to fire safety.

The cladding on SHP’s two clad blocks, Chaucer House and Balaam House, was not found to be unsafe and did not need to be removed.

We commissioned a team of forensic and expert architects to carry out inspections of all our blocks with five or more storeys. Following their findings we are carrying out extra safety enhancements at Balaam House and Chaucer House, including the installation of sprinklers at Balaam House and a review of fire doors across all our flats.

Our extensive regeneration of Chaucer House in 2016 included the installation of a ground-breaking retrofit sprinkler system.

We undertake fire risk assessments and inspections in all our buildings where these are necessary on an ongoing basis, and we make upgrades and carry out maintenance works arising from these as necessary.

We work with residents to ensure communal areas are free of combustible items which could compromise safety or stop people getting out of the block in an emergency, and ask you to contact us if you have any concerns about the safety of your home or wish to report an incident.

Click here for more fire safety information or here for home fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade.

A right royal knees up

On Thursday 17 May more than 80 of our residents and staff came together to celebrate the royal wedding with a right royal knees up.

Residents from across our supported housing schemes enjoyed a disco, refreshments, a special royal wedding-themed photo station and the chance to have a good catch up with their neighbours.

Mrs Kanthasamy, one of the party guests, explained: “It’s nice for us elderly residents to come out of our homes, have some food, dance and celebrate. I’m really enjoying it.”

Jason Charles, Community Development Officer, added “This event was a chance for our residents to celebrate a historic event together with their friends and neighbours - and to have a sing and a dance.

 Residents enjoying with the SHP team

“We’re planning a series of events at our new Community Hubs this year which will give our residents the chance to meet others and feel part of their community. No one should feel isolated in their home, and through events like this and the support of our Independent Living Officers we want to make sure none of our older residents feel alone.”

To find out what’s coming up at our Community Hubs and what’s happening around the SHP community, check out our community events calendar.

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Alexandra Gardens Community Walkabout

The next Community Walkabout will be on Thursday 17th May at 5pm

Community Walkabouts are your opportunity to tell us what would make your community a better place to live and how we can work together to achieve this. Community Walkabouts look at issues like:

- Community initiatives

- Anti -social behaviour issues

- Fly -tipping and more...

Sutton Living invited all residents to a consultation meeting in October 2017 to hear about some plans that are being considered for the development of a new block of flats within the estate grounds of Alexandra Gardens. 

Thank you to all those who attended. The feedback was extremely useful and we would like to meet with residents again to further explore how the proposed development could support some estate improvements to the wider estate. 

To help us identify estate improvements we would very much like to meet with residents to have a joint walkabout of the blocks and estate grounds. We would therefore like to invite you to come along and join us at 5.00pm on Thursday 17th May 2018, meeting at the entrance road of Alexandra Gardens.

We anticipate the walkabout should take no more than 45 mins to 1 hour after which we plan to gather at The Oaks Way Centre, Oaks Way, Carshalton, SM5 4NQ so we can summarise any ideas etc.

Sarah Holland-Baker, the Housing Manager for Alexandra Gardens and Martin Reddick, District Housing Manager will be attending the walkabout along with other key SHP staff and partners including Peju Fabunmi, Project Manager for Sutton Living. 


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Keeping your neighbourhoods green

Sutton Housing Partnership is committing to replacing every tree we cut down and only removing trees which prove to be a threat to life, limb or property.

Earlier this month our external services team successfully finished planting 10 extra large trees across the borough in various locations

We want to ensure your neighbourhood is kept safe and clean. This is part of our commitment to delivering neighbourhoods people can be proud of, which includes working with residents to deliver good external spaces. If you spot any incidents of fly tipping on our estates please report them to us.

Paul Fisher, Tree, Voids And Garden Officer explained: “We are committed to the environment and also to ensuring that our estates remain green and pleasant environments. Trees play a crucial role in cleaning the air and providing oxygen as well as being great for biodiversity so it's essential for us to maintain our stock of trees at their current level.

“As a result, we only ever remove a tree if it is dangerous and can't be made safe. We're now committing to going even further to protect our stock of trees by replacing every communal tree we cut down."


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Sutton Federation of Tenant and Resident Associations General Meeting

The next Sutton Federation of Tenant and Resident Associations (SFTRA) General Meeting will be on Tuesday 29th May at 7pm.

SFTRA represents all of SHP’s residents and is open to all who want to be more involved in how their homes are managed.

The federation is made up of tenants, leaseholders and freeholders who volunteer their time to work in partnership with SHP to ensure residents receive the best service possible.

The meeting will be held at SHP in the 3rd Floor Boardroom, Sutton Gate, 1 Carshalton Road, Sutton, SM1 4LE.

The General Meetings are open to all resident groups and any resident who wants to attend. It meets every two months to discuss housing and community issues important to them.

The theme for this month is The Future of SFTRA: join the discussion and express your view. Speakers include Colin Hawkins, Chair of SFTRA and Steve Tucker, Managing Director of Sutton Housing Partnership.

Refreshments will be served after the meeting and transport can be arranged, where required.

To RSVP contact Colin, or call the office on: 020 8915 2348.


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