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SHP resident comes out on top at national photography competition

Entering the SHP photography competition gave Victoria a chance to use her passion for photography to showcase her great neighbourhood and tackle the stigma around social housing.

Victoria’s winning photograph also went on to take out first prize at the national competition run by the National Federation of ALMO’s (NFA) - an amazing achievement! We caught up with her after her victory… 

“It’s a nice place to live. All the kids play out together, most of the neighbours are really helpful. When my son had chicken pox one of the neighbours even went to the shops to get some groceries for me” explains Victoria.

“We don’t live in each others pockets, but generally have a drink together at Christmas the occasional BBQ, and say hello whenever we see each other.”

Victoria has been a Sutton resident since 2013, moving into her home in Alexandra Gardens in 2015 with her son. She found it easy to fit in with her new community and was warmly welcomed by her neighbours.

“Aya and I moved into Alexandra Gardens around the same time, over three and a half years ago. This is the first social housing property I’ve lived in and it’s also the first time I’ve got to know my neighbours properly!”

This year’s NFA photography competition was themed ‘The Story of Us’, with the SHP competition inviting entries around the same theme. The photography brief was to challenge the stereotype that housing tenure defines the kind of person we are, what our neighbourhood looks like, the kind of job we have or what we do in our spare time.

Victoria’s winning photograph shows her son and her friend Aya’s children telling each other jokes in a small play area near their home, in front of a colourful wall depicting popular cartoon characters.

“The whole point [of the competition] was showing social housing in a positive light. I’ve had people say “oh, oh well that’s okay” when I mention I live in social housing - so it was nice to be able to highlight the positives.”

“There is a stigma that people living in social housing are lazy. Most of the people in my block work. I’m trying to make something of my life, going to college and working two jobs as a single mother.”

Winning the SHP photography competition meant Victoria received a £100 voucher for Sutton College.

“I’m starting a creative writing course at the end of April. It’s a course I’ve been wanting to do for ages and couldn’t afford it, so the prize was perfect. Creative writing and photography are a passion of mine, I’d love to combine the two one day somehow. I like to write children's stories about wildlife.”

The image was submitted alongside other great entries to the NFA’s photography competition. Victoria’s image was shortlisted and then went on to win the national competition. Attending the dinner and awards ceremony in Birmingham, Victoria was able to collect her trophy in person.

“It didn’t sink in until they said my name after they said Sutton Housing Partnership - I couldn’t believe it! All the other pictures we’re really good. I met some lovely people at the awards and I got a lovely trophy that’s going to take pride of place at home!”

You can see Victoria’s winning entry along with the others shortlisted in 24Housing magazine.

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Homefront spring 2019 - out now!

Your spring editon of Homefront is out now!

Check out our latest newsletter for updates on: 

  • Our new repairs guide - what's our job, and what's yours
  • Fire door replacements
  • Our new neighbours at Sutton Gate
  • How you could win a £50 Love2shop voucher every month
  • And more...

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Stepping forward in 2019 - an update from Steve Tucker

"We’ve been busy planning for 2019, thinking a lot about how we will apply lessons from the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the government’s proposed social housing reforms.

"We are listening to residents to understand your priorities for improvement: repairs, tackling anti-social behaviour amd really good standards of customer service. With this in mind, we've agreed with the council three new priorities for 2019:

  • Being a good landlord that does the simple things well: good repairs, well looked after estates and first class customer service.

  • Providing safe homes and promoting successful communities: working with you to make great homes and communities, supporting you to step up and get involved.

  • Investing money wisely: increasing council housing in Sutton through buybacks, spending money in line with key priorities and working with local partners.

"We are expanding the SHP New Deal and increasing the services on offer at our community hubs.

"To make this happen, we need you to work with us and get involved more than ever. Could you organise an event in your community, take part in a workshop or join a residents’ association?

"Speak to your Housing Manager about ways to get involved and tell us how we can support you to change your community for the better. I look forward to working with you in 2019."

Steve Tucker, SHP's Managing Director

New SHP Repairs Guide

Our repairs service is central to our new way of working, the SHP New Deal. The deal is all about working together, taking responsibility and building strong, successful communities.

We want you to feel proud of the home you live in. Keeping it in good condition is a joint efford between us and you. We understand there have been issues with repairs in the past and we’re working to improve.

We're responsible for reliable repairs and helping to keep your home safe by carrying out regular safety checks.

There are also repairs you are responsible for and can do yourself, without having to wait. 

To make these responsibilities clearer, we've written a new repairs guide. 

Key features include:

  • Clearer responsibilities around mould and condensation, pest control, glazing, smoke alarms and accidental damage.

  • Repairs timescales that are easier to understand so you’ll know where you stand.

  • A recharging policy that is fairer and easier to implement. This means we’ll have more money to reinvest into good homes and thriving communities.

You can check the repairs guide whenever you’re reporting a repair, so you know exactly what to expect.

We’ve put links to some handy ‘how to’ tips on this website, so the next time you’ve got a simple repair to do you can go there for help.

Read the new SHP Repairs Guide.


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SFTRA general meeting - 2 May 2019

The next Sutton Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (SFTRA) general meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday 2 May 2019. 

SFTRA represent the views of SHP tenants across the borough and its meetings enable you to get more involved in how your home is managed.

At this meeting SFTRA will present it's annual report on SHP's performance, looking back at how we did and discussing how we can work together to deliver first class services. The report covers: 

  • Repairs
  • Customer service
  • Community hubs
  • Home ownership services
  • Communication
  • Regeneration

All tenants and leaseholders are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at our Sutton Gate offices, 1 Carshalton Road, SM1 4LE. 

For more information contact Colin on 020 8915 2348 07725 812 626 or at

Where required, transport may be arranged to and from the meeting.

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