Changes to SHP’s relationship with Mears | News

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Changes to SHP’s relationship with Mears

Following joint discussions, Mears Group has given formal notice they intend to withdraw from their current contract on 30 June 2020.

Mears have made the decision to withdraw due to concerns around the commercial viability of the contract, which have been beyond SHP’s ability to resolve despite working closely with Mears over several months to do so.

Repairs performance has improved incrementally over the last three years, and this has been reflected in improved levels of resident satisfaction.

It is important to mention that the service will continue as normal over the next 12 months. We will continue to deliver the same improved repairs service, working alongside Mears’ colleagues to do so.

We know residents rate repairs as the most important landlord service. We want to use this opportunity to build on the improvements to the service that we have already made and to transform it into something residents will truly value and recognise as a positive benefit.

We are now conducting an options appraisal to consider how best to deliver the service in the future and we will be involving residents closely in developing and implementing the new proposals.

We are dedicated to delivering a smooth transition to the new arrangements for repairs and will keep residents closely informed about this in the coming months.

Steve Tucker
Managing Director, Sutton Housing Partnership