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Improving how we contact you

photo of a call handler

This month, we are introducing new technology to help us stay in touch with you by phone if you owe rent or have financial difficulties.

If we need to speak to you, a recorded message will ask you to press 1 on your keypad and then will transfer you to your Housing Manager or Home Ownership Customer Advisor. The call is free of charge to you. If you’re not available you’ll get a text message asking you to call back to Sutton Housing Partnership.

We want to support and help you if you are having financial difficulties, so speaking to you is an essential part of this.  We want our staff to spend time actually supporting you through what we know is often a difficult and stressful time.

We know people can be cautious about answering calls from unknown numbers - and for good reason! Due to the increasing numbers of telephone scams and telemarketing calls, it can be difficult to know what is and isn't a genuine message.

We'll use one of 18 numbers for these conversations listed below. If you receive a call from this number, you can be confident that it is a genuine call from Sutton Housing Partnership. 

List of numbers we will use

020 8068 0256            020 8068 0266

020 8068 0257            020 8068 0258                

020 8068 0259            020 8068 0268

020 8068 0260            020 8068 0270

020 8068 0261            020 8068 0274

020 8068 0262            020 8068 0276

020 8068 0263            020 8068 0279

020 8068 0264            020 8068 0280

020 8068 0265            020 8068 0293

If you have any queries or want to discuss further please contact your Housing Manager or our Home Ownership Team.