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Letter from the Minister of State for Housing

Christopher Pincher MP, Minister of State for Housing, has written to all social housing residents setting out the steps the Government is taking to support you during the next phase of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response, and their latest guidance for landlords. 

As the Government relaxes ‘lockdown’ measures, it is also expecting landlords like Sutton Housing Partnership to begin to reintroduce services that have been paused. 

To keep you and our staff safe, we will be making gradual changes and will keep you updated as we start to implement them. 

The letter covers:

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • External maintenance and services

  • Gas safety checks

  • Building safety

  • For tenants seeking to move home

  • Support for existing renters

  • Local Council Tax Support

  • Wellbeing

  • Support for extremely vulnerable people

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Support for victims of domestic abuse

  • Further advice on COVID-19.

You can read the full letter on the Government’s website.