SHP Public Statement: Black Lives Matter, August 2020 | News

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SHP Public Statement: Black Lives Matter, August 2020

Sutton Housing Partnership is committed to working with our staff, residents and partners  to acknowledge and address the range of issues raised by Black Lives Matter and to create a welcoming and inclusive environment in which diversity flourishes and enriches the work we do. The six key priorities below represent SHP’s commitment to learning from our diverse communities and recognise the need for continued improvements to build a more equal society. 

  1. As an organisation it is important that SHP adopts a clear position on the worldwide protests and movement following the murder of George Floyd and explains why this is relevant to SHP and our BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) residents and staff. We recently began a conversation with all our staff around the themes raised by the Black Lives Matter campaign. 

  2. We have resolved to promote and confirm the principles of fairness, equality and treating each other with respect, which should underpin all our work. It is important that SHP nurtures a clear anti-racist culture because not doing so would be to accept and fall in the face of prejudice that feeds upon irrational hatred.

  3. We should ensure that BAME staff should not have to put up with abuse and prejudiced behaviour from residents. SHP will not tolerate racially abusive or any other form of prejudiced behaviour towards our staff.

  4. Making diversity a hallmark of what SHP stands for. We will promote and extend the reputation of SHP as a cohesive, diverse and open organisation and a supportive and welcoming environment for BAME staff, in which the contribution of a broad range of different cultures is nurtured and developed as a business advantage, which enables us to better serve local communities.

  5. In order to further embed these values SHP staff have the opportunity to be involved in our Diversity and Inclusion group, which is a platform that gives staff the opportunity to share views and shape our direction as an organisation that recognises all.

  6. We want to modernise resident engagement so that we can involve a wider demographic including younger and BAME residents as well as other communities. The tone of that conversation is important and should be one that is inclusive, shares experience and encourages understanding of diverse views and experience


From all of the SHP Board and Staff