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Tenant rate increases from April 2021

Tenant rent is set annually at the beginning of April in accordance with government policy. The government has announced that from April 2020 local authority rent will increase by inflation + 1%. Inflation is set as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) percentage in September of the preceding year. The percentage in September 2020 was 0.5%. 

The approved rent increase of 1.5% is effective from April 2021. This will ensure that services can be maintained and improved to tenant homes, blocks and estates.

Your personal rent changes will be sent to you by letter during the week starting 22 February 2021. This letter will also confirm any changes to other charges included in the gross weekly rent associated with your home.

What you need to do next

Tenants who receive Housing Benefit will need to do nothing as we will inform the Housing Benefit department of the new rent charges.

If you are a Universal Credit (UC) claimant, please log into the Universal Credit portal to advise the Department of Work and Pensions of your new rent charges but do not do this until 5 April 2021 when the new charges take effect.  It is important that you complete this, otherwise the rent increase will not be reflected in the amount of Univeral Credit you receive to help to cover your rent.

There is a frequently asked question sheet that should answer any further enquiries. If you are unable to find the answer to your enquiry please contact your Housing Manager.