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Sutton Housing Partnership’s donated laptops are rolled out to pupils

Earlier in the year Sutton Council partnered with local organisations, including Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) to distribute hundreds of laptops, devices and routers to schools and settings across the borough. Many of these devices will go on to support some of our most vulnerable children to support their learning.

The purpose of this project was to help children and young people with their current and future education by enabling remote learning.

SHP took the decision to divert a large number of high quality used laptops that were scheduled for resale, and instead have donated these to schools who have loaned them to those pupils who need them most. During the pandemic, it has been difficult for some children to complete their work without their own laptop, and while schools re-opened their doors on 8 March, children will continue to be supported outside of the school day when completing their homework or if they need to shield.

Steve Tucker, Managing Director, Sutton Housing Partnership said;

‘We are proud and delighted to have taken part in this exciting project. Over the past year, it has become clear that there is a need for support and additional resources for some children and young people who are still trying to access lessons and continue with their education during the pandemic. We wanted to take part in this initiative to ensure that children across the Borough had access to the highest quality education and learning, as well as being able to keep in touch with their teachers while learning at home’.

‘While schools have now reopened, we hope the devices we have donated are available to students for continued use for years to come and will make a positive difference to their lives’.

More stories of how these devices have been used by schools and settings will be shared throughout 2021.