COVID-19 - A letter from the Managing Director

Dear Resident,

Re: Maintaining Services to Residents

I am writing to all SHP residents to explain how we are maintaining services and support for residents at this very difficult and anxious time. I want to assure you that everyone at SHP is wholly committed to maintaining all essential services to residents and staff are working hard to achieve this.

Covid-19 Service Continuity Arrangements

At SHP our priority is to keep residents safe and we want to keep you updated on the steps we are taking to do this during the current period of concern about the spread of Coronavirus

Re-thinking Repairs at SHP

SHP is bringing your repairs service in house and the current team will become SHP employees from 1 April 2020

Insourcing grass cutting

We are pleased to confirm that the grass cutting service will be coming in-house from 1 April 2020

Update - Advice to Residents about Coronavirus

You may have heard the sad news of the death of a patient at St Helier Hospital who was ill with a number of significant long-term conditions and had contracted COVID-19. 

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