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Tackling fly-tipping through technology

image of fly-tipped furniture

As part of the South London Partnership’s InnOvaTe Project, Sutton Council will be taking part in a 12-month trial project to install cameras across several locations within the borough, including Sutton Housing Partnership-managed areas, to help reduce fly-tipping.

The cameras will use internet-connected sensors to understand:

  • when fly-tipping is happening
  • how much material has been left, and
  • potentially identifying who deposited it.

The cameras will be placed in and around bins areas and other known fly-tipping hotspots. They will take still images when activated which are then sent to an enforcement officer for review. 

No other personal data will be stored or used unless necessary for enforcement purposes. 

Sensors will operate in the following SHP-managed areas:

  • Mill Green Estate
  • Rosehill Court
  • Regal Crescent/Grange Court
  • Bushey Road
  • Collingwood Estate
  • Sutton Court Estate
  • Shanklin Village
  • Chaucer Gardens Estate
  • Butter Hill
  • Clensham Court
  • Benhill Estate
  • Kestrel Court

Letters have been sent to all residents in the above locations and ward councillors have been briefed by Housing Managers. 

If you have any further questions related to the camera installation please speak to your Housing Manager if you live in any of the locations mentioned.

Find out more about the InnOvaTe Project (opens in new window).