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SHP’s commitment to maintaining estate service standards

images of SHP housing estates and estates staff

At Sutton Housing Partnership, we are committed to a high level of service and delivery in housing estate and communal area maintenance. 

Our New Deal Partnership was devised as a way for residents to take on a greater role in determining our estate service standards.

As part of this, last year we worked closely with residents to formalise a set of estate service standards which define how our estates should be maintained. 

These standards cover everything from the cleanliness of windows, hallways and lifts to the green spaces, bin and communal areas. 

Our staff are also using the service standards to monitor and address any issues that arise as part of their regular estate inspections.

Each standard has been worked into a Red, Amber and Green rating system, with 'Green' being the ideal standard we aim to achieve and 'Red' being a standard that needs our immediate attention. Amber is the minimum standard we expect.

We encourage residents to report any standard considered ‘Red’ rated to their Housing Manager. We will aim to address these immediately – or on the next scheduled estate inspection visit – depending on the task that has failed to meet the standard.

Find out more about our estate management service standards.