Estate service standards

At Sutton Housing Partnership, we are committed to maintaining a high level of service and delivery in the way we maintain our housing estates and their surrounding communal areas. 

We formalised our estate service standards in early 2020 following consultation with residents. These standards define how our estates should be maintained and cover areas such as cleaning, blocks and estates, and grounds maintenance. The next section details what they are for each area.

What are the service standards for cleaning?

Communal lights
Clean and dust free, bulbs tested and replaced if necessary.

Lifts: floors, doors, panels and frames
Swept, mopped, clean and free from dirt and dust.

Communal windows
The window has no dirt, dust, cobwebs and the general level of cleanliness is excellent. The condition of the window, its frame or sill should not affect the judgment of its cleanliness.

Ledges and window sills
Ledges and window sills are clean and free from dust and cobwebs.

Entrance lobby
Entrance lobby swept and mopped, free from junk mail and newspapers.

Handrails, banister rails, ledges
All clean and dust-free.

Floors and staircases
Swept, mopped and vacuumed, stain and mark-free.

Walls and ceilings
Clean and mark-free.

Rubbish chutes
The hopper head is clean.

Bin areas
Clean and free from over-spilled rubbish.

Bins are emptied, not overflowing, communal areas free from large items of litter.

Deep clean
Excessive stains and markings removed.

Communal areas
Obstructions reported and removed.

Door entry systems
Operating correctly and faults reported.



What are the service standards for blocks and estates?

Notice boards
Well maintained and information is up to date.

Clear of fly-tipping.

Clear of graffiti.

Car parks
Swept and free from litter and weeds

Garage and garage areas
Garage areas are clear of litter, weeds, debris and garages are usable, have good access and lockable doors and are free of graffiti, vandalism and fly tipping.

Paths, walkways and courtyards
Swept, free from litter, leaves and weeds.

Play areas and seating areas
Swept and free from hazards, litter, weeds and leaves.

Abandoned vehicles
Reported and removed.

Communal repairs
Reported and completed.


What are the service standards for grounds maintenance?

Grass areas
Regularly cut, all cutting swept from hard surfaces, associated shrubs well maintained.

Weed clearance
Area free of weeds.

Shrub bed and hedge maintenance
Free from leaves, litter and weeds. Chippings/ mulch kept within beds, not overgrown or obstructing paths.

Overgrown shoots and saplings cut back and hanging branches removed.

Using our estate management standards guide 

These standards have been worked into a Red, Amber and Green rating system, with Green being the ideal standard we want to achieve and Red being a standard that needs our immediate attention.

SHP staff and residents can use our estate management service standards guide to monitor whether a standard has been met. Amber is the minimum standard we expect.

Estate management service standards guide (PDF 3MB)

How to report a Red standard

If you spot anything in and around your estate that you feel is considered a Red standard please contact your Housing Manager to report it.  

We will aim to address these immediately – or on the next scheduled estate inspection visit – depending on the task that has failed to meet the minimum Amber standard.