Apply for a garage or parking bay

SHP let and manage over 800 garages and parking bays. Demand for garages is high so we hold a waiting list. When a garage becomes available we contact those on the waiting list.


We prioritise applications from SHP tenants and leaseholders.


We have garages in the locations on the map below.

1. Apply

We apologise but due to the high demand for our garages & parking spaces we are not accepting new applications at the moment.

If you are already on our waiting list we will contact you when a garage becomes available in your preferred area.


2. Authorise

We'll review your application and check our records to see if you:

  • are a current tenant or leaseholder

  • are aged 18 or over

  • don't owe SHP any money

If you meet all of these criteria we will accept your application.


3. Allocate

When a garage becomes available in the area you want we'll get in contact with you by phone, email or text. If you decide you want the garage we will invite you to a tenancy sign up where we will:

  • issue you with a tenancy agreement
  • set up a Direct Debit

  • give you keys to the garage


Things to keep in mind
  • if you already owe us money we may refuse your application.
  • you can only pay garage rent by Direct Debit.

  • if you fall into arrears we will repossess the garage.