Report a repair

Emergency repairs

If you have an emergency repair between 8:45am and 5pm Monday to Friday please call us on 0208 915 2000.

If you have an emergency repair at any other time call 0208 770 5000.

If you smell gas call National Grid on 0800 111 999.

Reporting repairs

Before reporting a repair please double check our repairs responsibilities - it may be something you are responsible for and can take care of yourself, without having to wait. 

You can use these DIY guides to help you get your repair fixed quickly.

If it is something we are responsible for:

Report a repair online

When you report a repair you will need to tell us:

  • who is reporting the repair

  • what the repair is

  • where the repair is and any access needs

  • how we can contact that person reporting the repair.

Repairs FAQs

Read our repairs FAQs to find out: 

  • How quickly we will attend
  • How we prioritise repairs
  • How our repairs appointments work
  • When we charge for repairs
  • What you should do if you repair isn't done well enough
  • And more
Things to keep in mind
  • We may charge you for any damage to the property that’s not down to fair wear and tear.

  • We may charge you for repairs that fall outside what we are responsible for.

  • Tenants have a right to repair for small repairs which are not finished in a timely fashion.

  • If you are concerned about asbestos in your property do not disturb it and contact us.

  • We strongly recommend you take out contents insurance. Your personal belongings are not covered by Sutton Council's building insurance.

  • You should direct any liability claims to Sutton Council.