Request permission to alter a property

If you are a leaseholder, please see our Leasehold Alterations page to find out more about applying to make and alteration to your flat.

Tenants need written permission from SHP to make alterations to their properties or shared areas.

Permission to alter a property form


Permission includes but is not limited to altering:

  • the structure of the building

  • fixtures and fittings owned by SHP (link to repairs policy document)

  • putting up external lighting

  • decorating outside of properties or shared areas

  • areas where you park your vehicle

Permission must be given before any alterations are made or work is started.


Request it

Request permission to alter a property online 24/7.  Before you request permission from SHP check with Sutton Council to see if you need planning permission or building control approval.  

If you are requesting permission to install a vehicle crossing (dropped kerb) and hard stand (driveway) outside your home, you will need to refer to Sutton Council's vehicle crossing policy before you apply. Sutton Housing Partnership will need their consent before making a decision on the request. 


We decide

We’ll tell you our decision in writing. We may need to visit your property before we make a decision. If we need to do this we will make contact with you. We may set conditions on permission which you’ll need to keep to. If we refuse we’ll tell you why.


Things to keep in mind
  • you must use a qualified/accredited contractor to do the work - We won’t recommend contractors

  • we will only refuse permission if we have good reason

  • we will not allow properties to be converted into housing for multiple occupancy.

  • we may ask you to return the property to its original state if you

    • do not get our permission

    • do the work badly

    • do not keep to the conditions SHP or the Council set

    • move out of the property

  • we may charge you if we have to return the property to its original state

  • if you have rent arrears we may refuse your request