Report anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people. 

Examples of ASB include:

  • noise nuisance
  • violence, threats of violence or domestic violence
  • illegal activities e.g. drug dealing
  • hate speech or behaviour aimed at a person’s disability, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation
  • littering, dumping rubbish or graffiti.

At SHP we are committed to creating safe and secure neighbourhoods. We will work with our residents and partners to prevent and deal with ASB. We will take legal action to stop ASB where we need to and protect victims, residents and witnesses.

Please read our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy June 2020 (PDF1 115KB) for more information.

Crimes and emergencies

You should always phone 999 in an emergency, such as if:

  • there is danger to life
  • violence is being used or threatened
  • a crime is in progress, or
  • someone suspected of a crime is nearby.

You should phone 101 to speak to your local police to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response: for example, if your property has been damaged, or if you suspect drug use or drug dealing in your neighbourhood.

Once you have reported it to the police, please contact us with the crime reference report number or CAD number along with the officer’s name. We will contact and work with them to agree on the next steps with you and the police.

Noise complaints

Noise from neighbours is a common source of disturbance and complaint. The most frequently reported concerns are about loud music, dogs barking, banging doors, general household noise where there is insufficient floor coverings and DIY activities. 

Everyone can expect some noise from the people who live around them and we ask that you are tolerant of this. Read our tips for reducing noise in the home to minimise disturbance to neighbours.

Many neighbours will naturally have different values or opinions and sometimes this can cause problems. We need to remember though, we all have a right to live our lives and part of being a good neighbour is about allowing some give and take.

Noise is not generally considered anti-social behaviour and in many cases, noise that is disturbing you from neighbours, can be resolved satisfactorily without needing to report it to us. 

How to report anti-social behaviour 

Please use our ASB toolkit in the first instance to find out what we consider to be anti-social behaviour and how you can try to resolve low-level disputes or inconsiderate behaviour. 

You can also report anti-social behaviour by contacting us (in person at our offices or at one of our community hubs, by telephone, letter or email) or by contacting your Housing Manager.

Important: If you or you think someone else is in immediate danger, phone the police on 999.