Aid and adaptation

If you need help with activities like bathing or find it difficult to move your home, you can request an assessment by an Occupational Therapist from the Sutton Council.

The Occupational Therapist may recommend adaptations such as handrails, alterations or equipment to help you move around.

Adaptations are dependent on available funding and there may be a waiting list.


You can request an Occupational Therapist assessment by contacting Sutton Council.


An Occupational Therapist will contact you and assess your needs, and decide what support or adaptations, if any, you need.


Depending on the outcome of the assessment adaptations may be required to you property. The Occupational Therapist will tell SHP what these are and when we should do them. We may discuss these adaptations with the Occupational Therapist before we agree to carry out the work.

If you are eligible for an adaptation but your home isn't suitable, the Occupational Therapist will refer you to the council’s Disability Housing Panel and recommend that you are considered for a transfer to a property more suitable for adaptation.