Apply to move home (Mutual Exchange)

Tenants have the right to assign a tenancy to another tenant, commonly known as your ‘Right to Exchange’ or a ‘Mutual Exchange’. You cannot exchange if you are on an introductory tenancy.

Mutual exchange application form


1 - Find someone to exchange with

To move home you need to find someone to exchange with. Go to HomeSwapper to do this and state that your landlord is Sutton Housing Partnership.


HomeSwapper is an app which matches tenants with other tenants who need to move home:

  • it is free to SHP tenants

  • any social tenant can register and swap

  • it covers all of the UK

  • you can search for homes without registering

  • receive property alerts by email or mobile


You can also find someone to swap with independently


2 - Apply for it

Once you have found someone to exchange with you and that person need apply to SHP.


You can fill out an mutual exchange application form online 24/7 or by calling, emailing, visiting or writing to SHP.


Each tenant needs to complete an application. Completed applications should be returned to SHP or your respective landlord. 

3 - We review

Once we have received your application we will review it. We will also check the information you provide is correct. We will check your tenancy, rent, any other accounts you have with SHP.

4 - Property Inspection

We will  arrange an Inspection of your property and we will inspect the structure, decorative order to make sure it is in line with our tenancy conditions.

5 - Reference request (Non SHP tenants)

We will request a reference for non SHP tenants and their family members.

6 - We decide

We will make a decision within 42 days of receiving the application. This decision may be provisional or dependent on a course of action.  


We may refuse an application if there is:

  • rent arrears or money owed

  • a notice of seeking possession outstanding

  • potential for under occupation or over crowding of a property

  • any breach of tenancy conditions, past or present

  • a reason the property does not meet an adapted need


7 - Move

If we have approved your application we will agree a date for you to assign your tenancy and move.

On this date you will officially exchange tenancies.


Things to keep in mind
  • you cannot move until we have given permission

  • we reserve the right to refuse your application

  • we may refuse your application if you have rent arrears or money owed

  • you may have to return a property to its original condition before we agree an exchange