Community walkabouts

Community walkabouts build stronger communities where residents can lead on or identify issues that may be cause for concern and so help improve their estates. This will include encouraging and supporting residents to identify areas, including:

  • minor estate improvements 
  • ASB or crime-related issues
  • highways concerns including abandoned vehicles
  • flytipping
  • parking.

We want you to take pride in your area and to work with your Housing Manager and other residents within the community, to make the area a safe and well maintained place to live. The walkabout will help us to:

  • target areas of concerns
  • inform you of our role and how we work with partner agencies to resolve issues of concern and achieve mutual objectives
  • promote ways for you to become involved in your local area and decision making
  • identify improvement for the external environment including opportunities to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • provide active engagement for you
  • develop plans for your community
  • work in partnership with other services in the borough.

How often community walkabouts happen

Walkabouts take place once a year and include all large block properties managed by SHP and some street properties where there are known issues or concerns. Housing Managers will prepare the community walkabout eight weeks prior to it taking place. They will oversee invites and communicate the purpose of the community walkabout with colleagues and partners who may be invited or required to attend.

Who can attend the community walkabouts

Where there are emerging issues which may have been raised with the Senior Leadership Team, a representative at a more senior level will be invited to attend. The walkabouts will be tailored to address emerging concerns within a particular area, for example, the London Fire Brigade and officers from the Risk and Compliance Team at SHP would be invited to attend where fire safety concerns have been raised by residents. 

Front facing staff who actively work on the estate will attend and these will include:

  • Housing Manager
  • Caretaker
  • Ground maintenance
  • Area Housing Manager
  • Communal Surveyor 

We will also extend an invitation to the following (where appropriate):

  • all SHP colleagues (to encourage and promote personal development)
  • board members
  • Sutton Leaseholders Association
  • Sutton Council representatives
  • councillors

What happens after a community walkabout

Housing Managers will develop an action plan and agree timescales with relevant colleagues or partners. 

All actions will be reviewed quarterly to ensure that all commitments have been met and if matters have not been progressed, these will be passed to the Area Housing Manager to take further.

If you would like more information or to let us know you are coming to a walkabout you can contact your Housing Manager or call us on 020 8915 2000.

Community walkabout dates 2021/22


Community walkabouts – schedule

Location Date and Time Housing Manager

Richmond Green

Thursday 4 February, 10am–12 noon

Khai Nahar

Crownbourne Court

Wednesday 17 February, 2–4pm

Sally-Anne Yeats
Mill Green

Wednesday 3 March, 2–4pm

Sophie Henriques
Clockhouse Estate

Thursday 18 March, 2–4pm

Sarah Holland-Baker

Wentworth Court

Wednesday 31 March, 2–4pm Maggie Baria

Alexandra Gardens

Thursday 15 April, 2–4pm Sarah Holland-Baker

Cheshire & Goodson House

Thursday 29 April, 2–4pm Helen Onanuga

Benhill Estate

Monday 17 May, 10am–12 noon Lewis Toop

Elm Grove

Monday 17 May, 2–4pm Lewis Toop

Alcester Court

Friday 9 July, 2–4pm Helen Stewart
Collingwood Estate Wednesday 28 July, 10:30-12:30pm

Sally-Anne Yeats

Shanklin Village

Wednesday 15 September, 2–4pm Sarah Holland-Baker

Elm Grove (outside block 1-6)

Thursday 30 September, 2–4pm Helen Stewart

Rosehill Court

Thursday 7 October, 2–4pm Khai Nahar

Sutton Court & Beauclere House

Friday 15 October, 10am–12 noon Emmanuel Olukotun

Collingwood Estate

Friday 22 October, 10am–12 noon Sally-Anne Yeats

Denmark Gardens

Wednesday 3 November, 10am–12 noon Jason Simpson

Past community walkabouts – summaries and outcomes

Collingwood Community Walkabout 28 March 2019 (PDF, 214KB) 

Sutton Court and Beauclere House Community Walkabout 31 January 2019 (PDF, 3MB)

Clockhouse Community Walkabout 15 March 2018 (PDF, 93KB)

Benhill Community Walkabout 21 November 2017 (PDF,132KB)

Shanklin Community Walkabout 12 September 2017 (PDF, 128KB)