Out of Hours Emergency Repairs

Out of Hours Emergency Repairs

As part of our ongoing commitment to SHP’s residents to ensure they are safe and secure in their homes, SHP has an out of hours repairs service that can be accessed when an emergency arises outside the core working hours.  The information below highlights the scope of the service and how residents can raise an emergency repair.   

Emergency out-of-hours service

If you have an emergency after 5pm on weekdays or at weekends, please call the Sutton Housing Partnership office on 020 8915 2000 and you will automatically be diverted to our emergency service. This service will deal with all types of emergencies that happen out-of-hours, including any serious housing management issues. Emergencies can only be reported via the telephone as our emails are not monitored out of hours.


Deciding if the repair is an emergency

This service is only for out-of-hours emergencies. Routine repairs should be reported as normal during office hours.  The out-of-hours service will only deal with:

  • Repairs which are necessary to avoid danger

  • Repairs which may risk the health of persons and,

  • Repairs which could cause serious damage to the property.

Our emergency call centre will diagnose the repair with you and decide if the matter is an emergency. If it is not deemed as an emergency our Call Centre staff will advise you of the best course of action. This might be to report the repair the next working day.  If you require further clarity on what constitutes an emergency repair out of hours then please refer to the repairs guide.  


What is considered an emergency?

Emergency repairs could include lift breakdowns and persons being trapped inside. This could also include burst pipes, uncontrollable leaks, total loss of power and securing of the property. Boarding up of broken windows will require a crime reference number.  

Loss of heating and hot water can in most cases be dealt with the next day. 

If we send an operative to an emergency and we later discover the wilful misuse of this service it may result in the residents being recharged.. 

How we will deal with the emergency

When dealing with an emergency we will make safe and repair where possible, if it is not possible to repair we will contact you the next working day to discuss any follow on appointments


SHP is constantly looking at ways in which it can improve our repairs service. If you have any thoughts or comments more generally on our repairs service please email repairs@suttonhousingpartnership.org.uk