Request a property inspection

SHP is responsible for making sure all of the properties we manage are safe and secure and kept to a good standard. You can request a property inspection if you are concerned about the quality of the fixtures and fittings of your home. 

Property Inspection request form


1 - Request it

You can request a property inspection by completing the form above or by calling, emailing or visiting SHP.

When you request a property inspection you will need to tell us:

  • who is requesting the inspection

  • how we can contact that person and

  • what you would like us to inspect.   

We’ll make an appointment with you. We offer appointments Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm


2 - Inspect

We will attend the agreed appointment and do the inspection. If we cannot access the property we will contact you. If we cannot contact you we will leave a card asking you to make contact to rearrange.


3 - Improve

After we have inspected we’ll write up our findings. We will tell you what we found, what we plan to do, if anything, and when we will do it.  


Things to keep in mind
  • we routinely review the quality of the properties that we manage

  • we carry out major works and improvements on a planned basis.

  • an inspection may not lead to improvements

  • if you have had improvements in the last 3 years we’re unlikely to make any further change