Request permission to sublet your property or take in a lodger


  • you cannot sub-let your property - if we find a tenant sub-letting their property, we will treat this as tenancy fraud

  • if you want to take in a lodger you need our permission


Permission to take in a lodger form
  • you need our permission to sub-let your property

  • we will not allow properties to be converted into housing for multiple occupancy


Permission to sublet a property form
1. Request it  

You can request permission to sublet a property or take in a lodger by completing a form above or by calling, emailing, visiting or writing to SHP.


2. We confirm it

We will acknowledge receipt, review your request and confirm that we accept your intention.


Things to keep in mind
  • if you have rent arrears we may refuse your request

  • you need to tell SHP when a tenant or lodger moves out

  • you need to tell SHP the identify of any new tenant or lodger

  • you are responsible for your tenants or lodgers’ behaviour

  • if your tenants or lodgers cause ASB, we will hold you responsible

  • you need to keep your property in good condition