Resident Engagement Mornings - Listening to the tenant voice

Our next resident engagement morning is on Saturday 14th October. Make sure you add the date to your diary!

We'll be discussing the role of your housing manager and how you can build a better relationship with them. Also we want you to hear about our five year plan, and your views on how we will invest £70 million pounds on SHP homes. Don't miss out on the chance to have your say!




July 2023 Resident Engagement Morning 

At our resident engagement morning in July you wanted us to take action on the following:


You said

Residents told us that weeds around gardens, kerbs and pavements seem to be becoming more of a problem and make outside areas look messy.

We did

Our estate teams will introduce a new weed control programme next spring to make sure weeds are kept under control and outside areas look spick and span.



You said

Residents told us communication about repairs is poor and needs to improve, especially around appointments.

We did

We will now ring all residents the day before their appointment to confirm it can still go ahead. We will confirm an AM or PM slot or rearrange the appointment. If we’re not able to make contact by phone we will send an email from our repairs team confirming the appointment.





25th March 2023 - Resident Engagement Morning 

SHP and SFTRA invited residents and partner organisations along to the Civic Centre to share information on what we are working on, and to gain valuable feedback from our tenants and leaseholders on the services we provide. As this is a transformative time for social housing, there was a lot to share and SHP presented on the following topics:

  • Our Customer Complaints journey 

  • An overview of our resident engagement strategy

  • What we are doing to tackle damp and mould 

  • Changes in social housing regulation

Those that attended enjoyed the opportunity to network with other residents and to have their opinions heard. 

You said: 

There are some recurrent problems that do not seem to be taken onboard at SHP and communication can be a problem. In particular, it was felt that call backs were an issue. You said you would like clearer communication on repairs so that residents know the full details or their repair and the timescales that they can expect it to happen in. 

We did:

We have started advising callers of the works order number when the repair is raised, this change has been received positively. We are currently testing an update to our system to bring in more detailed text messaging when a repair is raised. 

You said:

There is not enough information available on what major works are happening

We will:

We will share the capital programme prominently both with staff and with residents so there is visibility and awareness

You said:

Some estates felt they had lost confidence in their Housing Manager and that feedback from Walkabouts is not timely or comprehensive 

We will:

Ensure that a full walkabout schedule for 23/24 is available to all residents and updates will be added to the walkabout notes via the SHP website. At least one member of the executive management team will attend each walkabout.

You said:

You would like to be kept up to date on the status of damp and mould cases following on from a surveyor’s visit, and that information should be presented clearly in a way that is easy to understand.

We will: 

All damp and mould cases will be tracked centrally by SHP. Residents will be informed of next steps throughout the process. This will be via our damp and mould case management system once implemented.