Report the death of a tenant

If a tenant passes away SHP will need to know so that we can update our records and the tenancy.   


Let us know

Contact us and let us know if a tenant dies. When you tell us we will need:

  • the date the tenant died

  • a copy of the death certificate

  • the name of the person handling the tenant’s affairs e.g an executor (if there is a will), if we need to end a tenancy.

If there is no executor, administrator or legal representative we will have to give notice to the Public Trustee to bring the tenancy to an end.


Return keys

At an appropriate time the property will need to be cleaned, tidied and cleared and the keys returned to SHP. The tenancy will be ended on the Sunday after we receive the keys.

Unlike the normal ending of a tenancy we do not need four week written notice.  


Things to keep in mind
  • Housing benefit payments will stop from the date of the death
  • full rent is liable up to the date the tenancy is ended 
  • we will consider the rights of all individuals who remain in a property following the death of a tenant 
  • residents who remain in the property may have succession rights.