Report a tree requiring inspection

We provide a tree inspection service to residents of SHP. We may charge you for this service.

Tree Requiring Inspection Report form


We will inspect trees which:

  • could pose a danger to people’s lives

  • could potentially cause structural damage to properties, boundaries or footpaths

  • have been uprooted during a storm

  • appear dead or diseased


Report it

If a tree requires an emergency inspection, i.e. there is immediate danger to you or the public, please call us.

If it is not an emergency, you can report a tree inspection online 24/7; alternatively, you can call, email, visit or write to SHP.



We will review your report and decide if we can inspect the tree. If we cannot inspect the tree, we will let you know why.

If we can inspect the tree, we will arrange a date and time to come and inspect it. This will be within 10 working days of your request.



We will attend and inspect the tree. We will then let you know what we are going to do within 10 working days.


We act

If the tree needs to be removed, we will arrange for it to be removed. If the tree is an immediate danger to the public, we will remove it within 10 working days of inspection. All other removals will take place within 90 working days of inspection.

If the tree does not need to be removed, you will have to maintain it, e.g. pruning.

If the tenant cannot maintain it, then we may remove it and charge you the costs.


Things to keep in mind
  • you are responsible for maintaining your gardens

  • you are responsible for regularly maintaining trees in your gardens, e.g. pruning to stop trees becoming a problem

  • if the required work is minor, we will expect you to do it

  • SHP does not provide a tree maintenance service

  • to avoid a trip hazard, removed trees will be cut to a stump of approximately 60cm in height

  • the remaining stump will be poisoned to stop re-growth

  • we may conduct a structural assessment of the property if we think the tree has caused damage

  • if the tree is in neighbouring private land, we will only act on a structural assessment completed and paid for by the neighbour