Report fly-tipping

Help us to keep your neighbourhood safe, secure and looking like a nice place to live by reporting incidents of fly-tipping on council estates to SHP. 

Fly-tipping report form


Report it

If you see anybody fly-tipping you can report it to the police by calling 999. You can also report fly-tipping online 24/7 or by calling, emailing, visiting or writing to SHP.


We investigate

We will inspect what has been left and try to find out who has left it there.

Help us to find out who has fly-tipped the items by noting down anything which can identify a person such as the vehicle registration number, make of vehicle, name of the person who has fly-tipped (if you know it)

If we know who has left the items there we will speak to that person and ask them to remove the items.



If we identify the person who has left the items there we will ask them to remove them.

We will remove the items and recharge the resident if we can identify who they are and they do not remove them themselves.

Sutton Council may also prosecute this person in certain circumstances.

We will remove the items if we cannot identify who has left them there.


Things to keep in mind
  • removal of a dumped items may not be immediate

  • we will recharge residents for the removal of items if we can identify them

  • the London Borough of Sutton may prosecute residents who fly-tip

  • to prosecute we will need you to provide a statement