Report tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud refers to a situation whereby a council-owned property is not occupied by lawful tenant of the property. This could be a tenant who:

  • sub-lets (rents) their property without permission

  • moves out while pretending to still be in occupation

  • gives false information to obtain a tenancy


Any tenant who unlawfully sub-lets their property could lose their tenancy.


Tenancy fraud report form


Report it

If you suspect that a council-owned property is being occupied fraudulently, you can report it online 24/7 or by calling, emailing, visiting or writing to SHP.


You can make a report anonymously. We will keep your identity and any information you provide us confidential.


We Investigate

We investigate all reports of fraud. We will gather evidence and decide whether to take action.


We act

We will recover a property where there is evidence of unlawful sub-letting.


Someone committing tenancy fraud may:

  • lose their right to a council property

  • have to pay back any money they have gained unlawfully as well as legal costs and damages

  • have to pay back any housing benefit gained unlawfully

  • face criminal prosecution