Request permission to speak on behalf of a resident

We do not give out personal information to anyone but a SHP tenant or leaseholder unless they have given permission for us to give information to another party or advocate. We will only speak to advocates of a tenant or leaseholder if we have their written or verbal permission.


1. Request it

Request permission to speak on behalf of a resident by calling or writing to SHP.


To speak on behalf of a tenant or leaseholder on a single occasion we only need their verbal permission, a password to be provided and for them to be present.


To speak more regularly on behalf of a tenant or leaseholder we need their written permission. They will then become an authorised contact.


We will only communicate with the person who has been given permission. We will only accept written permission by letter with the residents signature.


If a person is losing or has lost capacity to act on their own behalf you may need to seek legal advice on what steps to take. You can find out what legal advice you may need via


2. We Confirm

We will review the written permission and update our records. We’ll let you know when we have done this.  


Things to keep in mind
  • giving permission allows that person to talk to us about anything on your account or tenancy

  • if you want permission to be removed or changed you need to tell us

  • relationships may change so think carefully about who you give permission to.